Our Story

We’re guided by the notion that, “When you know better, you do better.”  That's what led us to build PayLow Rate. We knew that the automotive lending industry could use a few more good guys (and gals) that understood how the lending system worked. We decided to use our knowledge and help everyday consumers like you. So here's to financial inclusion, decreasing fraud in auto lending, and giving you REAL control over your financial future.



Bringing people together

Goodness shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. PayLow Rate will always be free to you, the vehicle loan borrower, and we promise to always deliver the lowest rate possible. 

That’s what you deserve and we’ve made it our business. 

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Press and Media


Find out what we're up to and how our company is growing! We're proud of all our hardwork and effort to bring you the most fair rates (Psst! And if you look real hard you can see our cofounders grinning in the photo below).




Credit Tips We Live By

Mistakes happen. Like the time you went in reverse instead of shifting into forward gear. Or maybe you've missed a credit card due date because of a family emergency. And remember the Great Recession? That was pretty awful across the board. Even more relatable, not going with your gut instinct when you felt like you weren't getting a fair deal.

We've all made mistakes at some point or another. That's why we believe in second chances. What you did in the past shouldn't mean you have to draw the short stick in the future with your vehicle loan.



Pay your bills on time, every time


Only utilize credit on what you can reasonably afford to pay back


If you can save, then do it. we're here to help you get started