Perfecting Partnerships

At the end of the day, it's about creating stronger customer relationships that result in loyalty and 2.3x more products. As a partner with PayLow Rate you'll receive some of the most qualified loans available in the market. We are top notch with volume and transferring customer trust which helps boost your loan portfolio with quality, rather than quantity. We're proud to offer a level of transparency and risk awareness that is completely unique to the auto lending industry.


Thank you, our lenders, for making it happen. Your support has helped to make PayLow Rate that much closer to being the number one refinance choice for customers. We continue daily to deliver excellent customer service, error free documentation, and strong relationships.


No Fees

No monthly fee, hidden fees, or sign-on fees




Easy Onboarding

We've created a simple and easy process



Your Terms

Keep the same indirect program, but increase your volume.



Lender FAQs



What advantages are there compared to the traditional indirect model?

1) As an e-based company, we help by expanding beyond what a normal brick and mortar dealership can reach so you'll see a major increase in volume.

2) You'll see an increase in your "look-to-book" ratio. With us, you don't have to compete with captive lenders, subvented interest rates or a dealers "shotgun" submission practice. That way, your buyers are seeing more deals that they can really capture!

3) You'll have a much lower risk of fraud. We still take every necessary precaution, but by nature, the consumer has already been paying monthly installment payments on the exact collateral, so exposure to fraud and delinquency is minimized!

4) Have a happier customer! Survey after survey shows that the worst part about buying a car is the antiquated finance process at the dealership. We help streamline the process all online so the customer never has a bad taste in their mouth to begin with. A happy customer is always more likely to make their payment!

Where do you find your customers?

Our customer base is completely unique to us. Customers are drawn to our website by our unique marketing platform that educates and excites them about the possibility of getting a better interest rate on their current auto loan!

How is customer loyalty improved with your model?

When your customer signs their new loan with you, you've improved their situation. They are much more grateful and much more willing to listen to other financial products you have that can continue to improve their financial well-being!

What kind of applications will you see?

You will only see the kind of customer you want to see. Whether it comes to geography, credit score, collateral - you set the parameters for what you want in your portfolio. Just like traditional indirect lending, you have the final say on all approvals!

How much will it cost to join?

The best part! - We operate on your exact current auto rate sheet that you already have agreed to with your dealer partners. We don't ever mark up your rate, so you simply pay whatever your current flat program is. There are no additional fees at all!


Non-traditional Partnerships?

We love them!


Whether you're a bank, credit union, insurance agency, local or national, we're interested in talking. The best partnerships are outside the box and meet the demands of excellent customer relationship building.

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